Company History
July  `16
April  `17
6months challenge reward granted
(Korean government start up)
June  `17
2 patents applied
June  `17
Lstone angel Invested
June  `17
Jewelice working Prototype developed
Aug  `17
HQ moved to Seoul food start up campus
Sept  `17
Press ‘Korean finance news’ company story
Oct  `17
IP nare portolio set up 1 patent add, 1 brand Pct
Oct  `17
Business partnership with Kwrak inc. to maketing to bars
Oct  `17
Global Italy Milan IR
Established in 2016, Combining artisanal techniques with state of the art patent pending technology, jewelice team creates custom ice shapes the main and hottest Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, key venues and events for whiskey company. jewelice is specialized in producing premium ice:Regular ice is melting too quickly change the taste of drink.
Premium Ice is expensive and hard to reach to customer. Our Professional Compound Filtration System allows us to offer the best water quality adding no flavor or smell to the cocktail or spirit. Our Specialty ice is air free and a highly dense ice block. Our Ice is guaranteed to bring an unparalleled experience to the customer when tasting cocktails.
Also Current ice design limited to sphere, cube and stick. We developed Ice tray could make clear Ice in many different shapes. Such as diamond, topaz, shape of heart. Lowest melting rate, with the minimum dilution the market has seen, jewelice could brings a product portfolio that caters excellence to your service.
Customization for user Market
- Developed customized ice for bars and hotels
- B2B model for Whiskey Company, corporation marketing Event for Drinks Company
First innovated micro ice factory
- On site order manufacture ice to deliver to customers
- Clean, low cost process to expand global market;
- Ordering, manufacturing, packaging and delivery automated system.
Excellent marketing and selling partners
- Kaewraq Inc. - whiskey and drinks marketing partners
- 14yrs Whiskey bars and liquor event tracks
- Good relationship with single malt bars (250 in Seoul)